Customer Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a protein powder?

Yes but with a twist, we added some superfoods to help to make this an all-round super drink for you to snack on or take post-exercise.

Do I need to go gym to take Gorilla Juice?

NO NO NO, if you get out of bed in the Morning you should be feeding your body with protein. It’s a great aid in losing weight.

What are the quick benefits for taking Gorilla juice?

Speedy recovery after lots of exercise.
Mood booster thanks to superfoods and their wonderful antioxidants.
Super tasty, kick-ass low calorie snack for you to have instead of naughty treats.

When is the best time to take my gorilla juice?

It’s great at anytime of the day, from breakfast to before bed:

Snack times.

Before bed.

What can I mix it with?

We recommend either water, oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk. Our fave is 50% water and 50% almond milk.

Can I add things to my Gorilla Juice?

HELL YEAH, we love blending ours up with new combinations, fruits and oats are a great way to boost your Gorilla Juice. Remember taste is personal so play around with some flavours to find the right balance for you.

Is Gorilla Juice a complete protein?

Oh yes it is. When formulating our blend we made sure to include a complete range of amino acids. 

Are your products organic?

Our products are made from a variety of organic ingredients, such as pea protein (which makes up a significant proportion of our powders) and a number of the greens powders. Unfortunately we have struggled sourcing organic stevia which has meant we are unable to call our product ORGANIC as all the ingredients must be approved. We’d rather not lie to you.

I’m eating a balanced diet right now so I wonder if gorilla juice would still be useful to me?

100% yesssss. You can never have too many greens and protein is key to growth so keeping these above the bar will only do you good. We also know it’s super hard in this day and age to find the time or energy for a nutrients-rich diet so that’s where we come in: a quick shake of Gorilla Juice can solve that.

Can I heat / cook with my Gorilla Juice?

Please dooooo, it’s great to use when baking and cooking it really gives everyday food a super boost.

What are superfoods?

They’re nutrients-packed fruit and veg with HUGE health benefits. 

What makes Gorilla Juice different from the other plant-based protein powders?

We only use the best ingredients, that means we don’t compromise on cheap protein. We did the revolutionary by putting superfoods and protein together. No cutting corners. Not on taste. No on nutritional content. We don’t lie about what’s in the juice.


Do you accept PayPal?

For sure. You can check out on our site using Paypal.

Is your site secure?

Yes we’ve got our SSL certificates just for you guys.

Shipping & Returns

What courier or parcel delivery do you use?

We use Royal Mail and all our parcels are sent “signed for”.


We are sure you’re going to love your Gorilla Juice but if not we want to hear from you and see if we can resolve it.

If there is a fault or issue please contact