Mission statement

I’ve spent almost half my life combining training with protein supplements, and while I’ve enjoyed gains, I’ve spent that time resenting the total ambiguity of the whey supplements on the market: what’s in them? Where does it comes from? What are the implications for the planet?

I think that last one is so important, because as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to see it as imperative that my protein supplement doesn’t negatively impact on the Earth in any way, and that’s not something most animal-based protein product providers can promise. In fact they can’t. 

But the vagueness of the animal-derivative on my protein supplement never sat great with me either, so I met some like-minded people and we set about creating something that would fulfill the same role in aiding physical performance, but without the health and ethical implications. 

That’s how we started on the journey to creating Gorilla Juice; not from some PR boardroom but through honest questions and experimentation. 

The result is something we’re all proud of. After taste-testing more flavour combinations than we can count, and tweaking the recipe and the balance between plant protein and our many superfoods, we think we’ve nailed it. 

With Gorilla Juice you’ve got a super juicy plant-based protein supplement that’s actually good for you, that helps you hit the peaks in your sporting and personal lives, and lets you rebel against the norm. We don’t think you should follow anyones rules, we certainly didn’t. 

Go see for yourself what Gorilla Juice can do. 

The Gorilla Juice team