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Gorilla juice pea protein comparison

Did you know that not all pea protein powders are the same?


In fact some are a lot higher quality than others (naming no names, price is a give away usually.)

Some of the world’s leading protein brands and most trusted supplements are using cheap protein with very little nutritional benefit, in order to keep their prices low. They’ll cut corners on flavouring, ingredients and quality in order to do this.

We’re proud to say that we DON’T DO THIS, and that we use only the highest grade of premium pea protein that mother nature has to offer, and we think you can taste it too.

“We test so you trust.”


Don’t just take our word for it, we pay huge amounts of money each year to have our products tested by accreditors like “Informed sports” / “The Vegan society” / “The Food-test laboratories” so you can trust that the ingredients we use are what your body will be happy with.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how well a supplement rates just by looking at it. So when it comes down to choosing a Protein provider you have to trust the company who create it.

It’s very easy to believe that the big brands with flashy advertising would be the people to trust but that’s quite simply not the case here.

Here’s a few things to look for when choosing your protein.




Check the ingredients on the back of the packet, If you don’t recognise an ingredient because it sounds like a intergalactic superhero then put it back down, keep it natural, keep it green.




Make sure they have accreditations from well known testing agencies such as: “Informed Sport” or “The Foodtest laboratories” (We’ve got both ;))

Environmental impact
Whey protein has a huge negative impact on our planet and animals, is this something you want to be contributing too?


Nasty stuff


If it tastes likes McDonalds then the chances are it does the same damage, sweeteners and artificial flavourings are in most of the world’s leading protein brands as it tastes good. Don’t be fooled by this cheap trick.




Keep an eye out for reviews given by people who have purchased these, don’t you always check reviews first? Why should this be any different.


Our  conclusion……If you pay PEAnuts, you’ll get monkeys.


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