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Recently a lot has changed, we get that. Even things as simple as going to see your friends and family, something we now see was taken for granted has all changed. From lazy Sundays, to the weekday mornings at the gym, things aren’t what they were. There are, however, one group of people who get up for work every day, putting themselves on the front line of this battle to keep our families and communities safe. For the heroes of the NHS. This was for you.

Our Offer

We teamed up with NHS charitable teams, local newspapers and through our Instagram and Twitter pages to promote our offer. It was quite simple. Simply let us know that you wanted a “Breakfast on us” and the team at Gorilla juice would make sure you got one (maybe even two…). Over the days that followed, we put together care packages that were sent up and down the country, with NHS superheroes getting something to just take them out of their day and do something different.

Why We Did It?

Founder of Gorilla juice Harry Barratt was very clear on the rationale behind the giveaway.

“We wanted a way to thank everyone busting their backs day in, day out, protecting our community. Those at the heart of this fight, on the front line, doing their thing to keep us all safe and saving lives.”

Feedback From NHS Staff

The feedback from NHS staff has been overwhelming. You guys kick a** and it has been incredibly humbling for you all to come back with such positives. We hope you all enjoyed your treat, and we wanted to once again thank everyone for keeping us safe.





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