Giving this product 5 stars, very impressed with the quality. You get what you pay for!
The ingredients are obviously high level, I spend a fortune on organic veg and fruits to be healthy so am happy to pay more for good protein where I know it’s been well manufactured. This is the best plant based protein I have found, smooth texture and great taste.

Robert (Amazon)Subtitle here

I’ve finally found a plant based protein that I love! I’ve always been a whey protein user but I have very recently switched to Vegan and I have to say that this is by far the best I have tasted. It is quite expensive but what vegan product isn’t, it’s well worth the money.

The packaging is probably one of the best I have seen when you compare protein products, it’s not a huge great tub that takes up one whole cupboard and this is a big one for me. It comes well packaged and tells you everything about the product that you need to know so for me this is 5/5 stars.

I would recommend this to my family and friends without doubt, I would suggest mixing with almond milk over water, it’s so much more flavoursome.

Jessica (Amazon)

I was super impressed with this, I got the Caramel Latte Crush flavour and was amazed at how nice and natural it tastes. The packaging it arrived in was quality and a sign of things to come from the product itself. Only top quality ingredients used. Overall great taste, great ingredients, great presentation you get what you pay for!!

Joe (Amazon)

Just started to use this and mixed it with almond milk and a banana and the taste was wonderful. I am sure to make some inroads with this shakes. Will post again.

Linbron (Amazon)