Sample Pack of 3

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Try the sample pack of our 3 vegan protein products

  1. 25g Caramel Latte Crush
  2. 25g Game, Set and Matcha
  3. 25g Strawberry Shabang

1 review for Sample Pack of 3

  1. Kane

    We’ve all tried countless protein powders, standard/plant based/additive free or however they come advertised and they all come with a similar problem – they all play with our guts, let’s be honest! We’ve all smelt the horrors left in gym toilets by iron-heads as a result of all the eating and supplementary protein powders they drink (and everything that’s in them).

    This is the first one I’ve come across however, that doesn’t come with this added and unwanted effect. It tastes clean and it doesn’t sit in your stomach and play havoc with it. This is the only protein powder I’ve tried that I can honestly believe is additive free and is made with genuine plant based and natural/non-harmful ingredients.

    It’s worth the price for this, and for the fact that per serving (which is actually quite small) there’s still one of the highest percentages of protein – it seems as if no corners were cut here. Would 100% recommend!

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