Stand up and be counted for.

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We Never Compromise

Not on nature’s most powerful ingredients.


Not on-mouth-watering flavours and not on our Bad-Boy Style.


We’re natural born winners and we win because we help people and the planet win.

Rebellious and Intellectual Nutrition

Challenge convention, blaze your own trail, break the mould and do you with more attitude.

“Get what you deserve AND then some”

All of our products are formulated and designed by the UK’s leading nutritionists to help you “do you”, BUT better. We infuse nature’s most powerful fuels and juiciest flavours to create a high-performance feast for the body AND the taste buds.

We make products for YOU…

We’re doing this for the time-constrained.


We’re doing this for the determined.


We’re doing this for the foodies. For the health freaks. For the active. For the “I don’t give a FIG just hand me that sweet juicy shake!”


For the people.

Giving this product 5 stars, very impressed with the quality. You get exactly what you pay for!

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