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Tom King

Keeping Fit In Challenging Times


With football being suspended for a little over a month now finding new and exciting ways to work out within your own home has become a challenge, but a challenge I’ve enjoyed none the less.

Using my bike has been something I’ve really relished in this time and coming a cross a piece of equipment that will hold my bikes back wheel up so I can use it in the garden has been revolutionary for me.

My Routine


The football season could restart in a couple of weeks so being fit and ready to get straight back in to it will be key for us to finish the remainder of the season strong. I’ve tried to maintain a similar routine to the one I have during a normal week at football for myself.

That includes :

Breakfast 8 – 8.30

Stretching 9:30 – 10

Cardio workout 10 – 11

Core and strength workout 11 – 11:45

Lunch 12:30

I try to stick to that on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Rest and Recovery


I think it’s also important to give your mind and body a break and time to recover and not to over think the current situation we all find ourselves in.

Keeping my family involved in these sessions as much as possible has been great for keeping us all fit and healthy too. With the emergence of so many online classes via YouTube and Instagram have been great when I feel like I’ve ran out of ideas.

Written by Tom King

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