What is it?

Here’s a breakdown of what makes our revolutionary protein formula soooo damn good.

We took the world’s best plant-based proteins:

Brown rice protein

A superb plant source of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), it’s a super protein alternative for people who are lactose intolerant. Also it’s a lot easier to digest than that smelly whey protein.

Pea Protein

A high-quality protein and a great source of iron. It’s a fantastic aid in muscle growth, weight loss and heart health, and if that wasn’t enough it contains all, yes all nine essential amino acids.

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Then we did something amazing, we took the world’s best plant-based proteins and combined it with a nutrients-packed superfood complex.

Superfoods, what the FIG are they?

They’re nutrientpacked fruit and veg with HUGE health benefits.Together this incredible team of superfoods will fight off all of the bad guys, helping save the day for you over and over again.

Wheat Grass

A kick-ass veg leading the superfoods into battle, wheat grass is packed with antioxidants which are said to help your body reduce cholesterol, fight off cancer and aid in weight loss.


Another tasty freshwater algae filled with Vit B12, Iron, Vit C and Omega 3s. IT SHOULD PROBABLY BE RENAMED “THE ULTIMATE GREEN”

Alfalfa Powder

A powerful plant found in Asia known to speed up healing, boost immune system and aid in respiratory health, helping you stay cool and recover faster after a painfully slow business meeting.

Broccoli Powders

The burly-looking powerhouse that contains vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants is not to be missed in any diet… these superheroes are saving the day over and over again.”

Garden Herbs

We’ve all got them but never use them, so we took the liberty of doing it for you. They’re great for the immune system and your psychological health.”

Green Kale

Is actually a member of the cabbage family and is said to be one of the MOST nutrient-dense foods on the planet. 


No wonder it was Popeye’s favourite, this leafy green is said to improve eyesight, strengthen muscles and even provide neurological benefits.


Otherwise known as super blue-green algae, it’s said to improve levels of blood lipids, suppress oxidation and reduce blood pressure, making this one essential for our blend.

Barley Grass

If it’s good enough for ancient gladiators then it’s good enough for us. Barley grass aids in skin health, prevention of asthma and repairs DNA.


A chancer of a plant that just loves growing in rivers and lakes. It’s also packed with antioxidants and boastfully includes over 100% of the RDI for vitamin K (in other words it’s the REAL DEAL).”


Sumac spice is made from the dried and ground berries from the Suma plant; it’s MEGA tasty, bright red and said to reduce bone loss and regulate blood sugars.

Yukka Root

The hipster favourite is supposedly beneficial to your immune system and delays the ageing process.

Avocado Powder

The hipster favourite is supposedly beneficial to your immune system and delays the ageing process.

Suitable for vegans and dairy free...

We wanted to make a product that isn’t only suitable for vegans but also for you carnivores, there’s plenty of benefits to taking plant-based products over animal derivatives, and here’s just a few:

Help the earth

It requires less land, water and resources to grow crops for plant-based protein products than it does animal products.


Plants are jammed with fibre, Insoluble fibres help everything run smoothly and Soluble fibres keep us feeling full and happy after we eat, which is key when we’re dieting.

Allergy Free (smell free)

Although Whey protein is also great for building muscle, a lot of people – unknowingly to them – suffer with allergies to it. It can cause a lot of gas and bloating for people.

Metabolism booster

The great thing about plant protein is it also takes a while for your body to digest due to all the fibre.The more your body works on metabolising the plant protein you have eaten, the more your body is burning the extra fat you are trying to get rid of.

Calorie Buster

Frit and veg is notorious for being super low in calories which gives you the chance to take more onboard somewhere else… and it’s guilt free!

Natural pH wonders

Plant protein helps to combat the acidity in our diet. Plants have high amounts of Chlorophyll (The greener the better) that provide the alkalinity our bodies need.

No Growth Hormones & No Antibiotics

Lots of livestock are regularly treated with growth hormones and antibiotics, this can easily be transferred into whey products and that’s something we’d rather miss out on.