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Time For Change

First dolphins in Venice, now kangaroos in the streets of Australia!


We’re not saying the universe is sending us a message with it’s magical ecological recovery during this pandemic, but we’re not, not saying that!

If there’s any upside to this challenging time we’re in, it’s that more of us will reflect on what we haven’t been doing so well and hopefully change things for the better when this is all over. ⠀

We’re talking things like:⠀

– Quitting over-reliance on meat

– Being as green as possible

– Slowing down and appreciating what you have

– Stopping that absent-minded screen staring (we’re bad for this)

– Realising who and what matters

As your badass vegan protein provider, we honestly can’t tell you that what’s happening now is a good thing, or that what’s coming down the pipeline will be easy.⠀

BUT, what we do know is that it’s a great time to reflect and change, lets take this valuable time to sit down and look at the areas we, as individuals can improve on, not only to better ourselves but to better our planet too. ⠀

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